Explosive Diapers - Seven Things We Have Learned So Far

What was that sound?! Did the room just shake? Not quite - it was just your baby's derriere.

One thing I was not expecting as a new mom was explosive baby poop. Two weeks after my daughter's birth my husband and I woke up to a sound that can best be described as...well to be honest words can't do it justice. We both jumped out of bed and asked each other, "What was that?!" The sound emanated from the bassinet and after a quick check we realized it was our daughter.

We naively put her on the changing table and started to take off the diaper. It seemed like she must have lost half her body weight. That's when we experienced the aftershock. What's that you may ask? It's additional fallout that didn't quite make the first explosion. Needless to say, after changing several explosive diapers over the past months we've learned the following:

1) Ask your baby to wait to poop until your significant other gets home. This one has yet to work, but it's worth a shot.
2) Place your baby on the changing table and wait at least one minute to ensure there are no aftershocks.
3) Get out at least two diapers and five wipes, unfold them and have them at the ready within arms reach.
4) Undo the dirty diaper and place the top of it under your baby's butt while doing the first round of many wipes.
5) If needed, use diaper one of two as a sacrifice diaper. The sacrifice diaper is the diaper that takes one for the team. We have used as many as four sacrifice diapers in one session due to multiple aftershocks. It ensures that you and your baby don't get any additional fallout on yourselves...or the floor. (Oh yeah, the poop is projectile too.)
6) Sometimes four hands just isn't enough. Even with two parents diligently working on one diaper change your baby can still manage to soil themselves, the changing station, your clothes and the floor.
7) After one of these events your baby will likely be hungry.

For any parents out there, what experiences have you had changing an explosive diaper?

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!!! omg.... hahahahahahahahahaaha!!!!!

  2. I cannot describe my shock when I experienced projectile poop for the first time. I just stood there stunned, mouth open, wondering what had just happened. No way this amazing miracle of cuteness and sweetness just did this! Then my wife broke out laughing and we finished up as quickly as we could. Luckily we experienced the explosive variety only twice. Both times resulted in the bed needing to be changed. And yes both times were at like 2 am. Of course that is when it would happen . . .

  3. (Shane) I know it is crazy to think your little angel could create projectile poop. I have been warned that if I think the diapers are bad right now I will be in for it when she starts eating solids.

  4. Well they become more adult like, which is more . . . disturbing . . . lol.

  5. Haha... I've been trying to put into words for my non-parent friends the experience of a blowout and this was perfect!

  6. This is too funny! Glad I found you on socialmoms.com

  7. What's that sound???


    My husband has selective hearing, he never quite figures out what that sound is until I am elbow deep in baby poop.



  8. Glad you like the post, Sarie! I just elbow my hubs in the ribs whenever he seems to have selective hearing :)

  9. This is hilarious. I knew I was going to like you.:)

  10. Bwaaaaahahahahahahaha, the joy of parenting ewww.