There's No Crying in Toddler Soccer!

Did I mention Doll Baby is playing toddler soccer? Team Yellow! 
She has participated in three disastrous games so far.

Here are the main rules for toddler soccer:
  1. No crying.
  2. No hands.
  3. No crying.

Clearly she understands the rules.

 There was a team photo session at her latest game
She insisted on having Thomas the Train set pieces in the picture.

Thomas the Train = soccer related, right?!

 Did/Do you have your toddler in sports?

Chuck Norris can win a game of soccer without using his legs.*
 then, she {snapped}


  1. That is just so cute! At least she's following most of the rules...not crying ;)
    We are going to try dance this spring, I'm actually really excited to see how it goes!

  2. Oh! What a little darling. This something I have to try very soon.

    Hugs xx

  3. I never heard of toddler sports but the photos are great!!

  4. Those photos are precious! I love the train set in the picture. Sounds about right for soccer.

    1. I thought so too! They made a mistake of leaving a Thomas the Train set table in the same room as the team photo. All of the kids were playing with the train set instead of getting their individual photos taken.

  5. Adorable! How exciting for you both. :)

    1. Thanks, Verna. It is fun! I think swimming is still her favorite so far though.

  6. You are brave! We haven't ventured into sports yet, and my oldest is 6. Also, we had a family photo shoot back in May, and my 4-year-old insisted on holding a plastic water bottle he had filled with weeds. Oh, well, it makes for funny stories later, right??

  7. LOL! Too funny! The train in the photo sounds like something Mack would do. :)
    Finally got around to putting mine up as well:

  8. So cute. I remember when my son couldn't get enough of Thomas.

  9. it's fun..the kids just get excise really! my kids did gymnastics as toddlers...but it got to be $!!!

  10. LOL. I can laugh...I've had 2 toddlers in soccer.
    The boy, had no clue what to do, but gave it best shot. But yes, there were tears some games.
    The girl? Oye.
    stand around, chat everyone up...oh look....daisies! and dandelions! Let's pick flowers.
    oh..ball. kick it! so, I have a Barbie doll, do you like Barbie? I love Barbie...oh, ball. kick it.
    And, a doll house. Does your Barbie have a house too? mine's pink. I LOVE it. agh, that stupid ball again. I kicking it and it comes back again! *kick* Oh, look, a doggie. sooo cute. let's go pet him. *walks off field*

    Yep, $100.00 well spent. :)

  11. Hey, at least she understands rules 1 and 3...