Five Tips for Taking Your Infant to Magic Kingdom

Last month we went spent a day at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. It was an absolutely amazing experience that we'll never forget.

We were nervous about how to make the most of our day with an infant and a toddler, but by doing the following we had a great time:

Babywearing on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
  1. Use a baby carrier instead of a stroller. I used our Ergobaby and it worked perfectly. I was able to get on and off the rides with more ease and navigate my way through crowds with no issue. And it was fun! I loved cuddling with my Big Guy all day.

    Doll Baby, our toddler, spent the day walking or on Daddy's shoulders. She did really well (no meltdowns!) and was too excited to take her afternoon nap.  A second baby carrier would have come in handy if she had wanted to nap.

  2. Fill a backpack with baby supplies for the day. Since we didn't use a stroller with storage space the hubs wore a backpack. Note: If you run out of baby supplies don't panic - there is a Baby Care Center in Magic Kingdom that includes an on-site shop.

  3. Arrive before opening. If driving, set your alarm early and make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the park actually opens

  4. Use FASTPASS. Standing in long lines with a screaming baby is not my idea of a good time. To avoid this, we primarily stuck to FASTPASS rides. Note: You can't get all of your FASTPASS tickets at once. The bottom of your FASTPASS ticket will indicate the next time you are allowed to get another one.

    FASTPASS rides for kids of any height:
            -Dumbo the Flying Elephant
            -Peter Pan's Flight       
            -Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid      
            -The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Jungle Cruise (my favorite!)
          -Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

    FASTPASS is also available for meeting Mickey Mouse and the Princesses at the Town Square Theatre.

  5. Arrive before opening! I can't stress this enough. The longer you wait to arrive, the longer your wait will be for FASTPASS return times.

Have you been to Magic Kingdom?!

Chuck Norris put the magic in Magic Kingdom.


  1. We took our little one when he was 2.5 (to Animal Kingdom), we used the stroller as a way of claiming our "space" people often push and shove & don't allow you personal space to walk. Having a stroller kept the weirdos away!

    I love your idea about getting there early. Also, going to the back of the park first is helpful as most people start in the front. We mapped out what we want to see & do before we arrived, made our day smooth and fun!

    Great tips!

    1. Yes, definitely go to the back. We skipped all character meet and greets that didn't have fastpass too!

      We went during Christmas week-one of the busiest weeks for Magic Kingdom. My sister and her fam were supposed to meet us there, but arrived two hours after park opening and were turned away. The park was already at capacity! It was nuts! Fun, but nuts.

  2. I so so wish we could take the kids to Disney!! It seems the impossible dream right now.
    Although, part of me cannot imagine being in that huge park with 3 children!!

    That's probably a task only Chuck could handle :)

    1. Agreed-Chuck could definitely handle three kids at Disney!

      I hope one day you and your family get the chance to go to Disney. We were in FL for Christmas so took the opportunity to go to Magic Kingdom for a day. Doll Baby and Big Guy were both free since they are under three!

  3. Loving your blog! I can't wait for the day we take our kids to Disney. I will definitely put these tips to good use! Thanks!